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Blend Modes


Blend modes can be used to combine Shapes and Effects by adding them together to create interesting styles.

ReplaceReplaces destination
NormalNo blending
PlusSum of colors
ScreenMultiply inverse of pixels, inverting result; brightens destination
OverlayMultiply or screen, depending on destination
DarkenDarker of source and destination
LightenLighter of source and destination
Color DodgeBrighten destination to reflect source
Color BurnDarken destination to reflect source
Hard LightMultiply or screen, depending on source
Soft LightLighten or darken, depending on source
DifferenceSubtract darker from lighter with higher contrast
ExclusionSubtract darker from lighter with lower contrast
MultiplyMultiply source with destination, darkening image
HueHue of source with saturation and luminosity of destination
SaturationSaturation of source with hue and luminosity of destination
ColorHue and saturation of source with luminosity of destination
LuminosityLuminosity of source with hue and saturation of destination
Alpha AddCombine the alpha of two adjacent anti-aliased edges
Adjacent Edges

When Shapes are perfectly aligned edge-to-edge, seams can appear between those edges due to anti-aliasing. Try using Alpha Add to create a seamless join. Note that this is only supported when the background's alpha = 0. To remove the Composition's background go Composition > Toggle Background Alpha.