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The stage to compose Layers on.

Active Composition

Either clicking the Open button or Option/Alt + Cmd/Ctrl + double clicking a Composition Layer's row in the Scene Window will open that Composition (making it the active Composition).


Position - Set the Composition's position. 0,0 is in the centre of the Composition.

Rotation - Set the Composition's rotation. (in degrees).

Scale - Set the Composition's scale.

Pivot - Define the pivot point for the Composition. This is useful when animating rotation and scale.

Opacity - Set the Composition's opacity.

Blend Mode - Set the Blend mode.

Deformers - A list of connected Deformers.

Filters - A list of connected Filters.

Motion Blur - Enable Motion Blur.

Composition Settings

Use these attributes to animate the Composition or affect its appearance. To adjust settings like Resolution or Frame Rate see Composition Settings.


A Composition used as a Layer within another Composition is also known as a Pre-Comp. Several Pre-Comps can be added to another Composition as a way to create copies with a single 'source of truth' – any changes made to the original Composition will propagate through to all its Pre-Comps.

See Pre-Comp Overrides for a method to use Compositions as a way to create editable 'templates'.

Where Pre-Comps already exist in a Composition, it's possible to swap its reference to a different Composition in the Assets Window. To do this either:


The only way to create a Composition is via the Assets Window or the menus. It cannot be created via the Add Layers Window.