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Forge Dynamics Shape

Pro Feature

Pro features are only available with a Professional licence. To upgrade, visit


Forge Dynamics is a 2d physics engine built on the amazing Box2D by Erin Catto

Getting started with Forge Dynamics
Testing with a Starter licence

It's possible to test Forge Dynamics with a Starter licence by using a Preset. Choose one via the Create > Demo Scenes > Dynamics menu. While it will be possible to experiment with the feature, saving and rendering will be blocked. See Licensing for more information.


Common Attributes +

Start Frame - Set a frame for the simulation to start on.

Gravity - Set a strength for gravity.

Ground Mode - Determine how the simulation should react to the Composition boundary.

  • Off - Ignore the Composition edges.
  • Composition Bottom - Collide with the bottom of the Composition.
  • Composition Edges - Collide with all edges of the Composition.

Ground Friction - Set a value to determine how much friction affects collisions with the Composition edges. A higher friction value will result in shapes losing their speed more quickly.

Velocity Iterations - How strongly to correct the forces applied to Shapes. The higher the value the more accurate the result.

Position Iterations - How strongly to correct the position of Shapes during collisions in order to reduce overlaps. The higher the value the more accurate the result.

Fields - Add a Field to the simulation.

Collision Events - Add a Collision Event to the simulation. Collision Events can also be added on a 'per body' basis via the settings under the Body tab.


Any Collision Events added to a Body will override Collision Events added to the Forge Dynamics Shape.

Unsupported features

It's not possible to update the geometry of a Shape during the simulation so the following are not currently supported:

  • Animating vertices (aka Path Animation).
  • Animating Scale.