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HSV Color


Create a color using hue, saturation and value.


Input Color - Set a starting color. When set to black (default), this attribute is ignored but for any other color the Hue, Saturation and Value attributes can be used to adjust the Input Color. See example below. Note that Saturation and Value are additive to the Input Color.

Hue - Pick a different color hue by revolving around the rainbow wheel.

Saturation - Increase/decrease the saturation of the color.

Value - Increase/decrease the value (or brightness) of the color.

Output Color - A preview of the resulting color.

  1. Create a Shape.
  2. Create an HSV Color.
  3. Connect hsvColor.idshape.fillColor.
  4. Adjust the settings on HSV Color.
  1. Create a Shape.
  2. On the Shape's Fill tab, right click in the Shaders attr input and choose Add Shader > Gradient Shader.
  3. Create an HSV Color.
  4. Set an Input Color of R = 255, G = 36, B = 224.
  5. Set Hue to 90.
  6. On the Gradient, select the first color stop.
  7. Connect hsvColor.inputColorgradient.0.color.
  8. On the Gradient, select the second color stop.
  9. Connect hsvColor.outputColorgradient.1.color.
  10. Click the swatch for the HSV Color's Input Color and move the widget around the rainbow wheel.