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1.3 Release Notes

New Features




  • New Image Sampler Utility - An alternative to the (can be slow) Material Sampler. While it's much, much (much) faster there is a downside — it only supports images/ sequences/ video and so cannot be used with the Shaders (Gradient/ Noise etc). The workaround here is to pre render any materials and import them back in as assets.
  • New Get Sub-Mesh Transform Utility - Use this to get the Sub-Mesh transform (position, rotation, scale) of any Sub-Mesh. For example, connect a Shape's position to pointId4 of a Duplicator or Forge Dynamics Shape.
  • New Area Range Behaviour - Map an area to a Width and Height to produce a proportional area.
  • New Text Asset - import .txt or .json files into your Scenes. Use this with the new String From Asset utility to output the contents of a text file.
  • New String From Asset utility to output the contents of a Text Asset.
  • Beat Markers - Add guides to the Time Editor and Graph Editor to indicate audio beats.
  • Inline help added to the Add Layers window(s).
  • Travel attribute added to Circle Distribution.
  • Tabs in the Scene Window! You can now work with multiple Compositions open.
  • Pro Control Centre:
    • Attributes added from multiple Compositions can be accessed regardless of the active Composition.
    • Attributes are organised via tabs.
    • A Clear All button has been added.
  • New Attribute Expressions - Add inline mathematical expressions to attributes with input connections.
  • The new Animation Presets in the Create menu can be applied to existing Layers in a Scene. Currently the Presets available are primarily for Shapes with sub-meshes (Text, SVGs, Merged shapes, Duplicators etc).


  • Figma and Adobe Illustrator do not specify shapes with a stroke width of 1 in their SVG exports (just the color). Where a color is specified but a stroke width isn't, Cavalry will now correctly interpret this as a stroke width of 1.
  • The String and String Array Utilities can now be converted to multi-line text fields. Adding a line break (Shift + Enter) will convert the field to multi-line.
  • Keyframe interpolation options added to the Time Editor's contextual menu (right click).
  • Improvements to the loading time for Image Sequence Assets and memory usage. Next stop video!
  • New Sort Order (Descending) option for Spreadsheet's Output Mode.
  • Copy/ pasting Layers no longer appends [Copy] and instead iterates by 1 (depending on the existing highest number of any matching names).
  • The Noise Shader is out of Beta.
  • Pro The Simple Value Solver and Simple Value 2 Solver have been renamed to Value Solver and Value2 Solver and taken out of beta as they now have options to write to a cache file and so can be used with Motion Blur.
  • New Respect Viewport Filtering attribute in the Render Manager. Any Layers that have been hidden from the Viewport via Tags will not be rendered.
  • It's now possible to type square brackets [] with international keyboards using either Alt + 8/9 or Alt + 5/6 depending on the keyboard.
  • Various new JavaScript Presets to try in Create > Demo Scenes > JavaScript.
  • New Add Utility menu in the Attribute Editor context menu.
  • Performance optimisations to audio waveforms in the Scene Window.
  • Cel Animation Shape now supports looping. Note - this will only work for newly created Cel Animation Shapes.

New Experimental features:


  • The Render and List commands in the CLI are no longer available to Professional licence holders. Contact us if you require access.

  • Points to Curve has been renamed to Points to Path (we don't really talk in terms of curves within the app).

Resolved Issues

Issue IDTitleClosed At (UTC)
6432Version reports version of latest install on sign in20 Dec 2021
6433Dragging asset into Render Manager crash7 Jan 2022
6434The --host-only option doesn't always work as-expected on an M1 Mac7 Jan 2022
6437Visibility Sequence - Text (sub-mesh)/ Duplicator and specific no. of characters3 Mar 2022
6440Prevent invalid layer hierarchy causing crash6 Jan 2022
6441Render Path Blocked10 Jan 2022
6446Rename Points to Curve to Points to Path?8 Mar 2022
6449CRASH - Grouping Layers4 Jan 2022
6456Text + Mask no longer works in Duplicator20 Jan 2022
6458Trails Playback Start10 Jan 2022
6459Trails/Duplicator no longer working.7 Jan 2022
6460Monospace font for JavaScript?10 Jan 2022
6466Crash with JavaScript Editor6 Jan 2022
6467JavaScript Editor - adding new tabs25 Feb 2022
6468Isolating Child Layers SW/TE misalignment3 Mar 2022
6469Add Isolate Layer to shortcuts - U6 Jan 2022
6470Paragraph and Document Modes for text backgrounds7 Jan 2022
6471Alignment broken when Centre Pivot is changed.19 Jan 2022
6473JavaScript Editor doesn't clear in a New Scene.7 Jan 2022
6474Crash deleting JavaScript Tab10 Jan 2022
6476Renaming JavaScripts tabs remembered in New Scenes.6 Jan 2022
6477Render Manager - Scripts tab to Script24 Feb 2022
6479Text Shape Background Mode order.25 Feb 2022
6486Text Shape Backgrounds - Paragraph Specific Indices25 Jan 2022
6487Copy Layer Id15 Mar 2022
6489The word "Module" used in AtEd contextual menu.10 Jan 2022
6490Sentry reporting 1.3b1 version as 1.2.210 Jan 2022
6491Crash running invalid JavaScript25 Jan 2022
6492Getting Started script10 Jan 2022
6493JavaScript connection causing crash10 Jan 2022
6495API - magic easing creates keys with value.10 Jan 2022
6497Autoplay Presets written in JavaScript25 Feb 2022
6498Presets - Comments in scripts (before scripts)25 Feb 2022
6500Copy Scripting Path - Font on Text Shape25 Jan 2022
6501Alignment doesn't work when BBox(Transform(Shape)) != BBox(Transform(Bbox(Shape)))25 Jan 2022
6503Masks + Groups + PreComp not working20 Jan 2022
6504Invalid script causing crash14 Jan 2022
6505Echo all commands17 Jan 2022
6507Spreadsheet - reverse/invert Sort Order21 Jan 2022
6508Edit Font Size for JavaScript windows14 Jan 2022
6509Iterate number rather than append [Copy]21 Jan 2022
6512Feather Masks on Text Shapes/Text Shape Backgrounds20 Jan 2022
6517Crash on quit with JavaScript + Persistent Data22 Feb 2022
6518Full Screen Mode on Mac - Making connections14 Jan 2022
6519Rename open logs/preferences25 Jan 2022
6521Script ran with errors message8 Mar 2022
6522Error setting up Windows dev environment - crypto16 Jan 2022
6525Document change to 'downgrade' workflow25 Jan 2022
6528Nudge to Upgrade Window Visual Design2 Mar 2022
6532Path Animation - no keyframe-able attr in Scene Window3 Mar 2022
6536Copy pasting path keyframes gets confused.3 Mar 2022
6537Comp tab label doesn't update24 Jan 2022
6538Show Project Folder command16 Feb 2022
6539Alt + R Shortcut for JavaScript Currently does nothing.20 Jan 2022
6541Tabs UI in Scene Window21 Jan 2022
6542Scene Window tabs and greys25 Jan 2022
6543Control Centre - undo remove all21 Jan 2022
6544Control Centre tabs UI on addition of 2nd comp25 Jan 2022
6548Pen/Pencil Tool. Refresh in a different Composition Tab25 Jan 2022
6551Crash copying scripting path to font.21 Jan 2022
6553Copy and paste - Composition Tabs27 Jan 2022
6554Crash Deleting Compositions After Closing Composition Tab21 Jan 2022
6556Pasted Layers Messages27 Jan 2022
6557Compressed Color Palettes23 Jan 2022
6559Get SubMesh Transform > Sub-Mesh25 Jan 2022
6562Layer names with numbers - typos23 Jan 2022
6564Image Sampler - Tiling9 Feb 2022
6565Image Sampler - Flip Strength option?9 Feb 2022
6566Scene Tabs and importing scenes25 Jan 2022
6567Distortion Filter - attr names/ positions1 Mar 2022
6568Displacement Utility vs Falloff24 Jan 2022
6569Distortion Filter - Displacement Utility wrong size when image is scaled24 Feb 2022
6570Distortion Filter - don't add displacement utility on creation24 Feb 2022
6571Distortion Filter - default Shader24 Feb 2022
6572Distortion Filter - can't right click > Add Shader24 Jan 2022
6573Distortion Filter - doesn't update when disconnecting Shader24 Jan 2022
6574Distortion Filter - Amplitude of -100 = 'no effect'9 Feb 2022
6575Image Sampler - draws on top24 Jan 2022
6576Pre-Render Script vs Post Render Expression25 Jan 2022
6577Render Manager - Tooltip typos24 Feb 2022
6578Keep Solo Layers28 Jan 2022
6579Distortion Filter - increase bounds1 Mar 2022
6580Time Attribute Disconnecting9 Feb 2022
6582API access to Make First Point1 Mar 2022
6583Rename the Displacement Utility21 Feb 2022
6584Crash Running Script During Playback.31 Jan 2022
6586Add Shader option moved in AtEd context menu31 Jan 2022
6587Developer options in AtEd context menu8 Mar 2022
6590Document Attribute Expressions1 Feb 2022
6591Distortion Filter - Attr Control Not Fount31 Jan 2022
6592Distortion filter - Error - Missing Displacement Utility31 Jan 2022
6593Distortion Filter - adding/ removing Utility UX1 Mar 2022
6594Distortion Filter - feather/ falloff for Utility?1 Mar 2022
6595No new tab made when loading a composition from an imported scene.27 Jan 2022
6598Attr Expression + Color Blend2 Feb 2022
6599Invalid attr expressions31 Jan 2022
6600Layer Id Sub-Mesh Bounding Box31 Jan 2022
6602UnParent menu option on attrs9 Feb 2022
6603UnParent > Unparent31 Jan 2022
6605Too many composition tabs in the Scene Window31 Jan 2022
6606Attribute Expression - scrubbing28 Jan 2022
6607Scripts UIs - Relative paths to images26 Jan 2022
6611Sub-Mesh + Component Constraint27 Jan 2022
6612Loading workspace opens all comps in scene28 Jan 2022
6617Attribute Expressions - different results after opening.28 Jan 2022
6618Attribute Expressions - value not returning to original on deletion28 Jan 2022
6619Expression UI - Attr labels, Add #28 Jan 2022
6620Expression UI on W/H Attributes28 Jan 2022
6622Component Constraint + Open Shape + bezier4 Feb 2022
6623Component Constraint + Multi Contour4 Feb 2022
6624Attribute Expressions - back door28 Jan 2022
6625Image Sampler - Viewport cropping image.31 Jan 2022
6628Syntax highlighting for Attr Expressions1 Mar 2022
6629Reorder Track Mattes Mode9 Feb 2022
6631Expressions Not Saving if Attr Values are 0 Upon Save.31 Jan 2022
6633Block Expressions on Playback Composition Settings31 Jan 2022
6635Crash removing connections with Attribute Expression31 Jan 2022
6636Replacing Connections to Attributes with Expressions During Playback31 Jan 2022
6638'Layerss' Typo on Docs28 Jan 2022
6639Deleting Layers with Expressions.31 Jan 2022
6640Upload Binary Data with the JS API14 Mar 2022
6641Expressions On Dynamic Renders24 Feb 2022
6643Beta - update notifications + NPS31 Jan 2022
6646Ability to clear expressions when there's no input connection4 Feb 2022
6651Script UIs - set Margins1 Feb 2022
6652Attr Expression - Color31 Jan 2022
6654JavaScript Errors in Message Bar9 Feb 2022
6660Keyframes not appearing for Column Title9 Feb 2022
6661Using Alt to make multiple connections when dropping directly on the control10 Feb 2022
6666Crash during playback2 Feb 2022
6667Add duplicate to RQI context menu8 Mar 2022
6672Track Mattes Visibility Turns Off Layer Visibility.4 Feb 2022
6673Blend Mode with Track Mattes3 Feb 2022
6677Pathfinder Loop 100% position4 Feb 2022
6679Image Sampler flipping image9 Feb 2022
6681Track Mattes + Blend Mode9 Feb 2022
6682Track Matte + Pre-Comps4 Mar 2022
6684Track Mattes + Comps4 Feb 2022
6685TurboPNG15 Mar 2022
6689JavaScript Presets Broken in the latest9 Feb 2022
6690Quick Add Help - Too much info?9 Feb 2022
6691Recommended character limit for nodeInfo in Quick Add14 Feb 2022
6692AtEd tooltips - drop the word description11 Feb 2022
6693Crash with RegEx2 Mar 2022
6694Feather attr above Clipping Masks?11 Feb 2022
6695nodeInfo in search17 Feb 2022
6697Distortion Filter - Remove 'Filter' from name24 Feb 2022
6698Halftone - Softness Minimum is 0.02025 Feb 2022
6699Halftone - Circle Color Broken9 Feb 2022
6700JavaScript Deformer - nice name9 Feb 2022
6702Behaviour Mixer - UI Buttons8 Mar 2022
6703Missing node strings10 Feb 2022
6704getScenePath error8 Feb 2022
6706Remove/ hide Displacement Utility24 Feb 2022
6708Delete Render Queue Item Twice - Crash3 Mar 2022
6711Merge - Respect Layer Order25 Feb 2022
6712Scripting - path/ points example and corner points10 Feb 2022
6713Document Text Assets2 Mar 2022
6717Strokes/Path's as Masks14 Feb 2022
6718Track Matte - Paths with Multiple Contours As Masks Apply a Fill11 Feb 2022
6723Duplicator Top Level Transforms - Track Mattes14 Feb 2022
6725Crash Grouping Text Layers3 Mar 2022
6726Random Distribution - Probability2 Mar 2022
6728Text Shape - Font Stroke Overlap16 Feb 2022
6736Text Shape - Stroke Align on counters2 Mar 2022
6738Introduce Enterprise build8 Mar 2022
6740Random Distribution - Probability Threshold defaults14 Mar 2022
6741Compound Arrays - attr names24 Feb 2022
6746Centre Pivot command accessible via Scripting1 Mar 2022
6747Blend Shader - right click > Add Shader28 Feb 2022
6748Remove Track Mattes from docs?3 Mar 2022
6749Random Distribution - Probability shows original Shape24 Feb 2022
6753Blend Shader - enable/ disable indices3 Mar 2022
6754Blend Shader in Distortion Filter2 Mar 2022
6755Performance hit from 1.2.1 > 1.324 Feb 2022
6756Solvers docs update2 Mar 2022
6757Blend Shader - compound attr names.2 Mar 2022
6759Copy-pasting layers with keyframes on generators25 Feb 2022
6761Update/Remove Frosted Glass Filter from docs2 Mar 2022
6764Find Asset Id24 Feb 2022
6765Blend Shader NodeInfo18 Feb 2022
6767Distortion AtEd UI has lost its tab3 Mar 2022
6768Render Manager - PNG Filter should be None when Compression=025 Feb 2022
6770Rhythm Markers/ Beat Markers3 Mar 2022
6772Falloff - Audio Layers25 Feb 2022
6776Add Key Interpolation to the TE Context Menu2 Mar 2022
6778Icon for Rhythm Markers28 Feb 2022
6779Adding Image assets to scene window creates 2 .Time connections28 Feb 2022
6780'Show Shader' Opacity on Distortion Filter28 Feb 2022
6782Creating JavaScript Presets with JavaScript tabs open - Crash25 Feb 2022
6784X/Y or W/H Attributes for Context Menus?8 Mar 2022
6787Typo/Capital Letter 'move into Composition'28 Feb 2022
6788BPM Marker Visually Noisy on the Timeline Editor28 Feb 2022
6789Rhythm Markers spliced on Graph Editor25 Feb 2022
6790Only Allow One 'Rhythm Markers' Popover to be pulled out.25 Feb 2022
6791Rhythm Markers - thoughts28 Feb 2022
6793Undoing Presets1 Mar 2022
6794Crash running Heart Path Preset1 Mar 2022
6795Include Pro tags in Quick Add when in Pro licence1 Mar 2022
6796Text Shape Background - Background Shape UI1 Mar 2022
6797Attribute Editor tabs - line appeared28 Feb 2022
6798Copy Scripting Path options order28 Feb 2022
6799Beat Markers - BPM should be integers1 Mar 2022
6800Blend Shader - Shader(s) attr2 Mar 2022
6801Blend Shader - empty list help2 Mar 2022
6805Rename Rhythm Markers to Beat Markers28 Feb 2022
6806Bpm attr to BPM28 Feb 2022
6808Distortion Filter - attribute order3 Mar 2022
6810Blend Shader - indices issue2 Mar 2022
6811Blend Shader and indices10 Mar 2022
6812Beat Markers - option to turn on/off while in Graph Editor10 Mar 2022
6814Field Gradient - thoughts4 Mar 2022
6815Beat Markers - focus when opening disclosure3 Mar 2022
6816Blend Shader - Shader Reordering2 Mar 2022
6818Document Beat Markers6 Mar 2022
6819Distortion Filter questions1 Mar 2022
6820'Headless' scripts3 Mar 2022
6822Multi-line string + Control Centre support3 Mar 2022
6823Blend Shader Visibility3 Mar 2022
6824Blend Shader - connect the same Shader x times10 Mar 2022
6825Gradients Moving With Bounding Box on Stroke Trim15 Mar 2022
6826Distortion - Attribute renaming3 Mar 2022
6830Clear Clip Start/End Points for Audio Layers3 Mar 2022
6832Importing .exr sequences Force Quits Cavalry3 Mar 2022
6833Add Shaders via Control Centre3 Mar 2022
6835Distortion Filter - Input Shader = None3 Mar 2022
6840Go Pro Nudge15 Mar 2022
6842Crash - Creating Sound Layer2 Mar 2022
6843Undo-ing adding an imported SVG to a scene takes AGES8 Mar 2022
6847Add Shader/Shaders appearing twice in context menus3 Mar 2022
6849Multi-Point/ Field Gradient behind beta14 Mar 2022
6851Blend Shader - Add Shaders and Add Shader3 Mar 2022
6855Beat Markers - Bars > Beats per Bar8 Mar 2022
6856String and multi-line hotkey3 Mar 2022
6862No Audio/ Waveform Centred8 Mar 2022
6863Audio waveform - resampling when offsetting10 Mar 2022
6867Beat Markers Popover window8 Mar 2022
6868Distortion - Shader Opacity to Preview Opacity4 Mar 2022
6869Distortion - Direction Angle prefix4 Mar 2022
6871Blend Shader - Unchecking Visibility outputs black4 Mar 2022
6872Enable/ disable icon for lists of Shaders14 Mar 2022
6875Area To Length Utility - discussion8 Mar 2022
6876Crash using Text tool4 Mar 2022
6877Visibility icon and children4 Mar 2022
6880Document Area to Length (name TBC)8 Mar 2022
6881Icons for Number Range (in Spreadsheet)4 Mar 2022
6882Multi-Point Gradient, Set Keyframe context menu8 Mar 2022
6883Pre-Compose Composition8 Mar 2022
6887MPG Shader - delete x UI too big.8 Mar 2022
6888MPG Shader crash15 Mar 2022
6889Multi-Point Gradient Shader the only Shader without Shader in its name14 Mar 2022
6890Crash creating Multi-Point Gradient4 Mar 2022
6891Illustrator - SVG + Stroke Width of 18 Mar 2022
6892MPG Shader - Strength10 Mar 2022
6893MPG Shader - Color Filter, Blend Mode, Alpha.10 Mar 2022
6894Blend Shader - Color Filter, Blend Mode and Alpha attrs10 Mar 2022
6895MPG Shader - Layer tool support for Strength15 Mar 2022
6896Duplicates aren't drawn8 Mar 2022
6897Random Distribution - Crash checking attrs14 Mar 2022
6898Encrypted .js script files10 Mar 2022
6899Glow Filter missing7 Mar 2022
6901Unable to Loop Cel Animation15 Mar 2022
6907CLI - '-h' argument not blocked as Pro14 Mar 2022
6913Error message when undoing duplicated RQIs8 Mar 2022
6914Compound attr - padding required14 Mar 2022
6915Area Range15 Mar 2022
6917x11 Colors - lost support for colours with spaces14 Mar 2022
6918NPS entered multiple times in same week by same user10 Mar 2022
6920Beat Marker legibility in Graph Editor10 Mar 2022
6921Beat Marker UI sitting 1px too low in Graph Editor.10 Mar 2022
6927JavaScript Presets not restricted in Free10 Mar 2022
6928JavaScript Deformer available in free10 Mar 2022
6929Pro Effects don't appear in the quick add menu - Free License9 Mar 2022
6930MPG Shader - layer tool colour message15 Mar 2022
6931Masks on Duplicated Paths Broken15 Mar 2022
6933Disabling Multi-Point Gradient doesn't turn off in Viewport.14 Mar 2022
6934Disabling Blend Shader doesn't turn off in Viewport.14 Mar 2022
6937Gradients and Shape Transforms10 Mar 2022
6938Multi-Point Gradient - highlight selection14 Mar 2022
6939Matching Beat Marker Buttons.14 Mar 2022
6945Investigate Possible Layer Tool Memory Leaks15 Mar 2022
6946Icon for Text Asset14 Mar 2022
6949MPG Shader - layer tool, point overlay15 Mar 2022
6955Cel Animation - Add a Frame when Looping14 Mar 2022
6956Add AreaRange as a spreadsheet Remapper15 Mar 2022
6957Crash - Create Layers after Forge Dynamics14 Mar 2022
6958'+ Add [Generator] menu option15 Mar 2022
6962Cel Animation Shape - backwards compatibility15 Mar 2022
69661.3 release checklist15 Mar 2022