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1.5.3 Release Notes

Release date: 30th March 2023

1.5 Release Notes

New Features


  • The Edit menu now includes a Duplicate and Split option.





API Module


  • Move/Jump and Go to Keyframe have been added to the Shortcut Manager.
  • alt/opt + clicking the disclosure arrow in the Attribute Editor now opens/closes all Layers (this was actually a regression from a very early beta in...2018!).
  • Dragging Layers into an empty space within the Tag Drawer will create a new tag and assign the dragged Layers to it. The tag is named after the first selected Layer.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Animation curves are better preserved when adding new keyframes in the Graph Editor via the double click method.
  • The values when setting up a Rig Control now update correctly in the Attribute Editor and Scene Window.
  • Regex search for the Text Material/Style Behaviours has been improved.
  • Web API - post now supports adding headers.
  • Web API - post no longer returns a 'null terminated string'.
  • Some vertical misalignment between the Scene Tree and the Time Editor when isolating Layers with the Animation Layer Filter has been resolved.


  • Shape to Shader has been hidden from the UI due to compatibility issues. Legacy scenes will be unaffected.