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Image Smart Folder

Pro Feature

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Image Smart Folders can be used to import a folder containing image, video or image sequence assets which can then be referenced via external data or connections.

To import an Image Smart Folder:

  1. Right click in the Assets Window and choose Import Image Smart Folder...
  2. Navigate to a directory on the file system and hit OK.
Image Sequences

When importing a folder containing image sequences, each sequence must be in its own separate folder.

Note that any file ending in a number may be read as an image sequence so, if individual files with similar names are required, ensure they are named uniquely – for example, image_one, image_two rather then image_1, image_2 etc.

Once a folder is imported it can be used in combination with an Asset from Smart Folder Utility.

  1. Import a Smart Folder containing the files apple.png, orange.png and banana.png.
  2. Drag that Smart Folder from the Assets Window into the Attribute Editor or Viewport.
  3. Create a String Array.
  4. Add two more indices using the +Add button and enter apple.png, orange.png and banana.png into each.
  5. Connect stringArray.idassetfromSmartFolder.path.
  6. Uncheck Auto Index on the Asset Array and enter 1 into the Index.

The image should change from an apple to an orange.

Try swapping the String Array for a Spreadsheet and connecting the Render Manager's Dynamic Index to its Index.