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Mesh Explorer


The Mesh Explorer can be used to examine a Shape's internal mesh structure and hierarchy.

Select a single Shape to load its information into the Mesh Explorer. For performance reasons, it's not possible to load more than one Shape at a time or explore a Shape with more than 200 sub-meshes.


Lock - Prevent the window from updating unless Refresh is clicked.

Refresh - Once a Shape is loaded into the window, its information is not 'live'. Use this button to update the current selection after any changes have been made.

The small numbers on the left indicate the 'level' each mesh is at. This is useful to know when working with the Sub-Mesh Behaviour.

A preview for each mesh is displayed. Where a 'parent' is found, a folder icon is displayed. For example, a Text Shape is constructed of several levels including Line, Word and Character.

Tags provide additional information like, Ids, Point Counts and whether a Material is included.

Point Counts

Note that point counts may not precisely match what is seen in the Viewport. As an example, the Mesh Explorer will report a Point Count of 4 for a closed triangle visually made of 3 corner points. This is because a closed triangle actually includes co-positional points at both the start and end of its path behind the scenes.

1. 0,10
2. 10,10
3. -10,10
4. 0,10

See Paths for more information.