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Composition Settings


The Composition Settings window can be used to set the resolution, frame range and other properties of a Composition. It can be opened via the Composition > Composition Settings... menu item (Cmd/Ctrl + K) or via the button at the top of the Scene Window.


Resolution - Set the width and height of your composition in pixels. Use the drop down above to select some common presets.

Frame Range - Set the frame numbers for the start and end of the Composition.

Playback Range - Set the start and end frame numbers used during playback. This value can also be set using the bookends (bars with green ends) at the top of the Time Editor.

Time - Shows the current frame. It does not accept inputs but can be connected to other attributes although Frame is often a better solution here.

Frame Rate - Set the frames per second the composition will playback at.

Background - Set the Composition's background color using hex or rgb values (note - only rgb values can be animated).


Set the background color by dragging a swatch from the Color Window into an empty part of the Viewport.


Compositions created via the contextual menu (right click) within the Scene Window are set to have a Background Alpha of 0.

Playback Step - Play every nth frame.

Motion Blur - Enable/disable Motion Blur.

Shutter Angle - Set the angle of the shutter. The default of 180° will result in a 'filmic look'. That is, 50% of your frame rate.

Motion Blur Centre - Affects whether the blur is backward or forward of the current frame. The default of 0 will centre it on the frame (the motion blur will be even in both directions of travel).

Blur Align - Adjust the position the motion blur samples are taken from relative to the Motion Blur Centre. This can be useful for controlling the level of motion blur at the beginning/end of an animation. For example, setting the Blur Align to -100 will result in no motion blur if the Shape is static on the previous frame.

Motion Blur Samples - Determine how many times the motion blur is sampled. A higher number will result in a smoother blur but also comes with a performance penalty.

Linear Gamma - Enable a linear color space.


These settings can also be accessed by dragging a Composition from the Assets Window into the Attribute Editor.