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Upload Preset Manager


Create and edit presets which can then be selected in the Render Manager's Advanced tab in order to upload images/videos as part of the render process.


Preset - Select an existing preset to edit. Click the + icon to create a new preset or click the trash icon to delete the currently selected preset.

Preset Name - Give the preset a name. This is the name that will appear in the Render Manager's Upload Preset dropdown attribute.

URL - Enter the base URL.

Path - Enter the URL's endpoint.

Automatic MIME Types - Automatically detect and set the content type.

Authentication Type - Select an authentication method:

  • Basic - Manually add authentication Header(s).
  • Bearer - Authentication requires a Bearer Token or API key. With this option selected, add the Token below.
  • None - No authentication Header(s) required.

Token - Enter a password/token/key.

Headers - Enter any required header information as key-value pairs. Use the + button to add additional headers.


After adding a preset, the Render Manager must be closed and reopened for the new Upload Preset to appear.


Some Presets (like NFT.Storage) are pre-configured and only allow editing of the Token.


It's not currently possible to delete Headers from the list but any empty headers will be ignored so are harmless.