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File menu

New Scene - Create a new empty Scene.

Open... - Open a previously created Scene.

Open Recent - Open any of the last five opened Scenes.

Restore Autosave - Open a previously autosaved file. Requires the Autosave preference to be set to Autosave.

Save - Save the Scene.

Save As... - Save the current Scene to a new location or filename.

Increment and Save - Create a new Scene file in the same location as the current Scene file, increment the file name's suffix by one and then open the newly created Scene. See the info box below for more details.

File Format

Cavalry's native file format is .cv. Files are saved in a compact JSON format by default with options that can be adjusted via the Preferences window.

Import Scene... - Import another .cv or .cvc file.

Import Assets... - Open the Finder/ Explorer import dialogue.

Import Google Sheet... - Open the Import Google Sheet window. See Google Sheets.

Import Smart Folder... - Open the Finder/Explorer import dialogue and select a folder containing assets.

Export Selected... - Export any selected (and connected) Layers to a .cvc file.

Export Lottie... - Export the scene to a Lottie (.json) file.

Evaluate Lottie

When a Starter licence is in use, the File > Export Lottie menu item will appear as Export Lottie... (Demo Mode). This allows for the first selected Layer to be exported to Lottie and so can be used to evaluate the resulting file size and compatibility of specific Layers.

Project Settings - Open the Project Settings window.

Set Project - Select any of the last five Projects.

Show Project Folder - Open the Project's root directory on the file system.

Render Manager - Open the Render Manager.

Render Current Frame... - Render the current frame to a .png file.

Render Current Frame to SVG... - Export the current frame to a .svg file.


There is limited Shader support for Fill and Stroke via SVG export. Cavalry only supports the color set on the Color attribute and a single Linear Gradient Shader. All color stops on a linear gradient must be set to 255 (100%) Alpha and the Color Filter attribute must also be set to None.

Anything else will result in a black Fill and/ or Stroke.

Increment and Save

If a file has been saved and its file name includes a valid 'counter' then running Increment and Save will happen without interruption.

If the current Scene has either not been saved or its file name does not contain a 'counter', running Increment and Save will trigger a 'Save As...' dialogue. Entering a file name that includes a valid 'counter' will result in any subsequent use of the command happening without interruption.

If a Scene has been saved but its file name does not include a 'counter', the 'Save As...' dialogue will suggest one (e.g. > file but any custom 'counter' can be added at this point.

A 'counter' is a delimiter followed by a number. Valid delimiters are space, period (full-stop), underscore or hyphen. Examples of valid file names are:

my file 1.cvmy file
my file1 5.cvmy file1

If incrementing a file will overwrite an existing file a warning dialogue will appear.