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Tool Menu


Tools can be used to interact or create Layers in the Viewport.

Tool Settings

Each tool has its own settings which can be found in the Tool Settings Window. When drawing Shapes it's possible to draw a Primitive or an Editable Shape. A Primitive is a Shape that has attributes like Radius or Size whereas an Editable Shape is a Shape that consists of points or vertices that can be moved.

Enable Create Editable Primitives to create Editable Shapes. Editable Shapes can be edited with the Edit Shape tool.


The following hotkeys can be used to perform various tasks when drawing Shapes:

  • Hold Shift to constrain proportions.
  • Hold Option/Alt to draw the Shape outwards from the start position of the cursor.
  • A single click in the Viewport with a tool selected will create a default Shape centred on the cursor.

You can alternatively Option/Alt + click an icon in the toolbar to create a default Shape.