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Render Scripts

Pro Feature

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Cavalry can execute scripts:

  • To setup a Render Queue Item.
  • Before every render performed by a Render Queue Item.
  • After every render performed by a Render Queue Item.

The following APIs are all in the render namespace. They are ONLY available in a Render Queue Item. Scripts can be added to the corresponding editor on the Render Queue Item's Scripts tab in the Render Manager.

Dynamic Rendering

When using Dynamic Rendering, the Dynamic Index can be accessed using the api.getDynamicIndex() member.

Any JavaScript execution will block further rendering until the script finishes running. This is by design so that any processes like downloading/replacing Assets or altering the Scene in some way can complete before starting the next render.

Image Sequences

Scripts are executed before and after the entire sequence is rendered and not before and after each individual image.


Setup Render Script

Add a script that runs before any render setup begins and so can be used to affect the Render Queue Item itself.

Pre-Render Script

Add a script that can be used to manipulate and prepare the scene for rendering.

Post-Render Script

Add a script that runs once a Render Queue Item has completed.


Scripts can include using the JavaScript API to perform tasks such as modify attributes, to pull new information from the web, or the replacement and reloading of Assets.

Member Functions

composition → string

Return the layerId for each Composition in the Render Queue Item. Available as part of a Pre-Render and Post-Render Script.


path → string

Return the file path of the render – any dynamic tokens/paths are fully resolved. Available as part of a Post-Render Script.


renderQueueItem → string

Return the renderQueueItemId to make changes to it. Available as part of a Setup Render Script.