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Pixel Sorting Filter

Pro Feature

Pro features are only available with a Professional licence. To upgrade, visit


Reorder a Layer's pixels by sorting them according to various attributes such as brightness.

Photo by Masahiro Miyagi on Unsplash

This effect is computationally heavy and so may slow down a Composition, particularly on older hardware.


Common Attributes +

Direction - Set the sorting direction to vertical or horizontal.

Detail - Increase/decrease the detail sampled from the image. A higher value will generate a 'noisier' result.

Threshold - Set the threshold within which pixels are sampled.

Reverse Sort - Invert the order pixels are sorted to.

Masks - Add Shapes to isolate the effect.


Note that any Shapes added as Masks will be automatically switched into Wireframe mode. This can be restored by right clicking on a Shape in the Scene Window and unchecking the Wireframe option or the attribute is also accessible via the Advanced tab in the Attribute Editor.