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Slit Scan Filter

Pro Feature

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Create an animated fly-through effect.

Photo by Daniel Tran on Unsplash


Common Attributes +

Perspective - Increase/decrease the distortion of the Shape.

Offset - Offset the top half of the effect in the Y axis.

Time - By default, this is connected to the Composition's Time.

Rotation - Rotate the effect.

Frame Speed - Increase/decrease the speed in which the effect animates. Use negative values to reverse the movement.

Mirror Scan - When checked, the Frame Speed direction for the top half of the effect is reversed meaning both the top and bottom will animate towards or away from the centre.

Glow Size - Increase/decrease the intensity of the glow that emanates from the centre of the effect.

Glow Blend Mode - Set how the glow blends with the Shape.

Glow Color - Set a color for the glow.