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The Fill Utility can be connected to multiple Shapes to control their Fill Color. By doing this, many Shapes can share the same color and so be updated in a single interaction from one Layer.


Once Shape's are connected to a Fill Utility, the color of all connected Shapes can be changed from any of those Shapes or via the Fill Utility itself.


Color - Set the Shape's color using Hex or RGB values (only RGB values can be animated). Click the color swatch to set colors using HSV.

Auto-complete Hex

Where hex codes contain repeated sequences of characters or numbers, they will be auto-completed. For example, entering AB and then hitting Enter will result in #ABABAB.

Shaders - A list of connected Shaders.

Alpha - A master control for the opacity/alpha of the entire shader network.

  1. Create 2 Shapes.
  2. Create a Fill Utility.
  3. Select both Shapes in the Scene Window.
  4. In the Scene Window, hold Option/Alt and connect fill.idshape.fill (holding Option/Alt will make a connection to both selected Shapes at the same time).
  5. Adjust the Fill Utility's Color.

The color of both Shapes will update.