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Distance Constraint

Pro Feature

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Constrain Shapes to their original positions in a Forge Dynamics simulation.


Spring Position - With nothing connected, the Constraint's position is the starting position of the Body. If a transform (e.g. Null) is connected then the position of that transform will be used for all Bodies.

Horizontal Alignment - Align the position of the Constraint to the left (-1) or right (1) edge of the Body.

Vertical Alignment - Align the position of the Constraint to the top (1) or bottom (-1) edge of the Body.

Rest Length - The length that the spring tries to resolve to.

Minimum Length - Set a minimum length a spring can compress to.

Maximum Length - Set a maximum length a spring can stretch to.

Frequency (Hz) - A higher value will give the spring more bounce.

Damping Ratio - A higher value will bring the spring to a rest more quickly.

Breakable - When enabled, the Constraint can be broken by other forces.

Breaking Force - Set the amount of force required to break the Constraint.