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Measure Text


An optimised method to output the bounding box of a string without rendering in the Viewport. By not rendering a Text Shape in the Viewport this can be a faster approach for setting up rigs that need to know the width/height of a Text Shape.


String - Enter a string to measure.

+ - Add a String Generator.

Font - Select the Font and Weight.

Typeface - Connect a Typeface. See Typeface.

Font Size - Set the size of the font.

Out Text Size - Output the dimensions of the resulting Text. These represent the size of the text over one line and ignores the Text Box Size.

Text Box Size - Set the size of the area the text wraps within if it was being drawn within a Text Box. Changing this will affect the Out Font Scale but not the Out Text Size.

Allow Word Breaks - When unchecked, words are prevented from wrapping over lines. Instead, they remain in-tact and the Text is shrunk to fit accordingly.

Out Font Scale - Output the scale factor applied to the Text in order to fit within the Text Box Size. The Shrink to Fit Text Box feature from the Text Shape is enabled behind the scenes.