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Shader Array


Create a list of Shaders that can be assigned to other Layers via their indices.


Auto Index - Automatically output all indices within the array.

Index - Manually output an index within the array (uncheck Auto Index to enable).

Reverse - Invert the order the indices are output in. For example, where there are 3 indices 0,1,2, their order will be reversed to 2,1,0.

Count - Output the number of indices in the array.

Add - Use this button to add more rows (indices) to the array.

0: Shader - The first index in the array. Connect a Shader to each index.

  1. Create an Ellipse.
  2. Select the Ellipse.
  3. Click the Duplicator icon in the Shelf.
  4. Create 3 Gradient Shaders.
  5. Create a Shader Array.
  6. Use the + Add button to create 2 more indexes on the Shader Array.
  7. Connect the Gradient Shaders to each Shader Array index.
  8. Connect the Shader Array to the Shaders attribute on the Shape (under the Fill tab).