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Image Sequences


Import sequentially named image files. An image sequence is a selection of image files where their file names end with sequential numbers.


To import an image sequence:

  • Double click in the Assets Window.
  • Navigate to an image sequence on the file system.
  • Double click one of the images or select one and hit 'Open'.

To add the image sequence to a Composition:

This will create and connect a Footage Shape.

Valid image sequences can take the form of <Anything><Numbers>.<Extension>. The non exhaustive list of examples below are all valid:

  • filename_001.png, filename_002.png, filename_003.png ...
  • filename.1.png, filename.2.png, filename.3.png ...
  • filename-001.png, filename-002.png, filename-003.png ...
  • filename01.png, filename02.png, filename03.png ...
  • filename (1).png, filename (2).png, filename (3).png ...

By default Cavalry will detect if an image sequence exists and import it automatically. You can prevent this by selecting the 'Any Still' filter at the bottom of the file browser.


Image Sequences are faster to load so can be used in place of video assets to optimise scenes.