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Formatted String Generator


Build a custom string from an array.


Formatted String - Enter a string. Use {<indexNumber>} to reference an index.

+ Add - Use this button to add more rows (indices) to the array.

0:String - The first index in the array.


If you enter {0} into the Formatted String it will be replaced with the contents of the 0:String index. If 0:String contained "crazy" then entering Here's to the {0} ones. into the Formatted String would return "Here's to the crazy ones."

Dynamic File Names

The Formatted String Generator can be used to generate dynamic file names. For example, connect some external data via a Spreadsheet to an index of the Formatted String Generator and then connect the Formatted String Generator to the File Name of a Render Queue Item in the Render Manager.


Indices accept strings as inputs. To connect a value use a Value String Generator.


Non indexed entries (empty curly brackets) are enumerated on based on their position in the string. For example, a string containing {} {} {} is the equivalent of {0} {1} {2}. This is also true where indexed and non indexed entries exist in the same string. For example, {2} {} {1} {} would be interpreted as {2} {0} {1} {1}