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Alpha Material Override


Material Overrides allow you to edit materials inside complex/deep mesh structures like SVGs or Text. This can be achieved via the Sub-Mesh Behaviour's Fill or Stroke tabs.

By adding an Alpha Material Override to a Sub-Mesh, it's possible to blend between the original alpha and the one set by the Override. A Falloff can then be added to the Sub-Mesh to control the effect.


Common Attributes +

Alpha - Set a value for the alpha.

  1. Import an SVG into the Assets Window.
  2. Drag it in to the Viewport and choose Asset Layer from the options to create an SVG Shape.
  3. Connect a Sub-Mesh to the Deformer attribute of the SVG Shape.
  4. On the Sub-Mesh, switch to the Fill tab in the Attribute Editor.
  5. Use the + button to add an Alpha Material Override to the Fill Overrides attribute.
  6. Set Alpha to 0.
  7. On the Alpha Material Override, open the Falloff tab and right click to add a Falloff.
  8. Move the Falloff over the SVG Shape.

As the Falloff moves over parts of the SVG, they will become transparent.

Overriding the alpha in an SVG from 100 to 0 via a Falloff