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Blend Shape


Blend between multiple Shapes with matching point counts.


Mode - Set a blending mode:

  • Replace - Each Blend Shape replaces the one(s) before it.
  • Deltas - A delta is the difference between the original Shape and the Blend Shape(s). By using this mode Shapes will be 'additive'.

Use the +Add button to create additional indices.

  • Input Shape - Connect a Shape to be blended to.
  • Strength - Set the bias for each blend shape.
Point Count

The Blend Shape requires Shapes to have a matching Point Count. The Mesh Explorer can be used to check Point Counts but note that a Point Count does not directly correlate with the number of points visible in the Viewport. See Paths for more information.


Blend Shape requires shapes with identical point counts to work. See Morph if you want to animate between shapes with different point counts.

  1. Create an Editable Circle (Shape1).
  2. Select the Shape and then Duplicate it (Edit > Duplicate or Cmd/Ctrl + D)
  3. Adjust Shape2 using the Edit Shape tool.
  4. Hide Shape2 from the Viewport via the Scene Window.
  5. Create a Blend Shape Behaviour.
  6. Connect shape2.idblendShape.0.inputShape (the first Array).
  7. Set Strength to 0 on the Array.
  8. Connect blendShape.idshape1.deformers.

When you adjust the Strength settings on the Blend Shape, Shape 1 will blend to Shape 2.

See also - Morph.