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Morph between Shapes with different point counts. Morph differs to a Blend Shape in that is doesn't require the shapes to have matching point counts. For example, morphing between a Rectangle (4 points) and a Polygon (5 points) is possible.


Common Attributes +


  • Simple Morph - Sample additional points in order to match the point counts. Note - Falloff's are not supported in this mode.
  • Wave Morph - Converts both paths via a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to perform the morph before converting the resulting path back. This can be useful for morphing complex shapes like text characters for example.

Morph Divisions - Determine the subdivision level used when sampling the shapes.

Sampling Offset - This will offset the pointId. This can be useful to fix instances where two shapes might 'fold' inside out due to points trying to move to the opposite sides.

  1. Create an Ellipse and a Polygon.
  2. Add a Morph Behaviour.
  3. Connect polygon.idmorph.morphTarget.
  4. Connect morph.idellipse.deformers.
  5. Scrub Strength on the Morph.