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Generate noise patterns to deform Shapes or generate values.


Common Attributes +

Strength Fade to Zero - When checked, Strength (including Falloffs) will interpolate between 0 and the result. When unchecked it will interpolate between the Minimum and Maximum values.

Use Normals - When checked, deformation will be based on the normals of the Shape. When unchecked, points are scaled from the middle of the shape. This attribute is only relevant when the Noise Behaviour is used as a Deformer.

Noise Type - Set the type of noise to generate:

Common Noise Attributes

All Noise Types include these attributes:

  • Minimum - Set a minimum value to output.
  • Maximum - Set a maximum value to output.
  • Frequency -
  • Separate Channels - Output a different value to the x, y channels.
  • Offset - Add/subtract a value to the output(s).
  • Stagger - Offset each noise sample in time. When used with a Duplicator (or any sub-mesh), a different Time value will be passed to each Id.
  • Looping - Check to enable looping noise. Note that this will affect the Time Scale of the Noise.
  • Loop Length - Set the number of frames over which a loop will occur.
  • Time - This attribute is automatically connected to the comp's frame number. Disconnect it if static Noise is required.
  • Time Scale - Increase/ decrease the speed of the noise.
  • Noise Position - Set the position of the noise [x,y].
  • Use Position Context - When checked, the effect of the Noise will differ depending on the position of any other Layers that it is connected to. Unchecking this attribute will result in all Layers being passed the same values regardless of their position.
  • Use Index Context - When checked, the Noise Behaviour will pull Context. This can be used to control how each Id is affected when used in combination with a sub-mesh (Duplicator, Text, SVG etc). Unchecking this attribute will result in all Layers being passed the same values regardless of their Id.


Create cellular patterned noise.

  • Common Noise Attributes +
  • Jitter -
  • Distance Function -
    • Euclidean -
    • Manhattan -
    • Natural -
  • Cellular Type -
    • Cell Value -
    • Noise Lookup -
    • Distance 2 -
    • Distance 2 Add -
    • DIstance 2 Sub -
    • Distance 2 Mul -
    • Distance 2 Div -


Create cubic patterned noise.


A type of gradient noise.


A lattice of points which are assigned random values.