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Cel Animation Shape


The Cel Animation Shape can be used to create frame-by-frame animation. Rather than creating keyframes to animate a Shape, each frame is a new Shape.


Common Attributes +

Path - Once you create a keyframe any changes you make to the Shape's vertices will create new keyframes and the vertices will transform to each position between keyframes.

Fill Rule - Determine how holes are created when multiple Contours exist in one Editable Shape:

  • Even Odd - Any Contour that intersects with another Contour will create a hole.
  • Winding - In order to create a hole, an intersecting Contour must be drawn in the opposite direction to another.

Onion Skinning - When checked the frames before or after the current frame are previewed in the Viewport. Ensure the Onion Skinning Viewport option is also enabled.

Frame tools:

  • Keyframe - Add a keyframe containing the contents of the previous keyframe.
  • Copy to Next - Copy the contents of the current frame, move the timeline forward one frame and paste the contents into it.
  • Clear Key - Create a blank keyframe or clear the contents of an existing keyframe.
  1. Click the Cel Animation Shape icon in the Shelf.
  2. Draw in the Viewport with the Pencil tool (auto selected).
  3. Move forward one frame (Cmd/Ctrl + `).
  4. Draw again.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4!

When you create a new frame in the Cel Animation Shape, a new shape is created for that frame - the Paths are not being animated. You can copy one frame to another and then move points but each frame is a new 'drawing' and can have completely unique artwork including multiple paths if required.

If a frame is left empty it is considered a 'hold frame' and the previous frame containing any shape information will be drawn. To add a blank frame then you need to create an empty keyframe. See Clear Key above.

Original artwork -