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Generate trails (lines) from the movement of other Shapes.

Experimental Feature

This is an experimental feature. To enable, check Enable Experimental Features in Preferences. Experimental features are only available as part of a Professional licence.


Common Attributes +

Input Shapes - Connect a shape or shapes to create trails from.

Limit Length - When checked the Trail's length will be limited to a maximum Length value.

Length - Set the maximum length for the Trail's. Note - inactive when Limit Length is unchecked.

Start Frame - Set the first frame for the Trails to appear.

Path Type - Select the curve type:

  • Béziers - Trails will be created as bézier curves.
  • Lines - Trails will be created as polygonal lines.

Time Offset -

  1. Create a Shape.
  2. With the Shape selected, click the Duplicator icon in the Shelf.
  3. In the Attribute Editor, right click on the Duplicator's Shape Position attribute and select Add Behaviour > Noise.
  4. Load the Noise's Attribute Editor UI.
  5. Increase the Strength to e.g. 500.
  6. Create a Trails Shape.
  7. Connect duplicator.idtrails.inputShapes.
  8. Hide the Duplicator.
  9. Press Play.