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Components are Layers that contain a collection of other Layers. Attributes from those Layers can be promoted to the Component in order to create a custom user interface.

Collapsing a Component to filter the promoted controls.
Supported Attributes

Any Attribute that can create a connection can be used within a Component.

Quick Start
  1. Create a Component.
  2. Create a Rectangle.
  3. In the Attribute Editor, drag a connection from the Rectangle's Size attribute to the purple area at the top of the Component's UI.
  4. Make the Rectangle a child of the Component in the Scene Window..
  5. In the Attribute Editor, right click the Component's header.
  6. Choose Component and uncheck Edit Component.

The Component's UI will simplify and the Rectangle will be hidden from the Layer stack.


Components have two modes that can be accessed by right clicking the Layer's header in the Attribute Editor and choosing Component > Edit Component:

  • Checked - Attributes from other Layers can be added to the Component. Any Layers that are children of the Component are visible in the Scene Window.
  • Unchecked - Any Layers that are children of the Component are hidden from the Scene Window and adding or removing Attributes from other Layers is prevented.

When in Edit Mode:

  • Click the Reveal the Origin Layer icon in the Layer Group's header to load that Layer into the Attribute Editor.
  • Click the Cog icon to set a custom Name for the Attribute and add Notes.
  • Click the x to remove the Attribute.

Attributes from common Layers are visually grouped. By default each group includes the Layer name as a title. This can be removed to save space by right clicking on the header and unchecking Component > Show Layer Groups.