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Licence Types

Cavalry offers 2 types of licence via the website:

  • Starter - Requires no payment or credit card details to use.
  • Professional - A paid version available as an annual subscription which includes additional features.

See the website for information on Team and Education licenses.

The Enterprise licence offers headless rendering via the CLI.


The Starter licence is intended for learning or evaluation but can also be used for commercial purposes. It has no expiry so can be used for as long as you like and it's feature packed bar a few exceptions:

  • Renders and exports are restricted to 1920 x 1080px. You can work in a Composition of any size but any output will be resized to a maximum of either of those dimensions.
  • Certain features are not available (see below).


The Professional licence increases the render resolution to a maximum of 15360 × 8640px and includes access to the following features:


  • Camera - Use a camera to create a 2.5D environment.


  • Dynamic Rendering - Automate rendering multiple versions of compositions with ease.
  • Google Sheet Asset - Import data to drive animations via Google Sheets.
  • Image Smart Folder - Import a folder containing image, video or image sequence assets which can then be referenced via external data.
  • Audio Smart Folder - Import a folder containing audio assets which can then be referenced via external data.


  • Scheduling Group - Procedurally position child layers in time.
  • Layout Groups - Stack Shapes into layouts.
  • Extrude - Extrude Shapes to give the appearance of depth.
  • Timeline Counter - Use Time Markers or Beat Markers to accumulate or trigger a value over time.
  • Accumulator - Create 'stacks' of Shapes or custom layouts.
  • Component - Collect Layers and promote attributes to create a simplified, custom container.
  • Chop Path - Chop a Shape into several slices.
  • Segment Path - Segment Paths into smaller sections to create a sub-mesh.
  • Shortest Path - Generates Paths by finding the shortest path between a start and end position via a Distribution of Points.



  • Shortcut Manager - Customise the hotkeys used to run commands.
  • Control Centre - Promote the most important attributes of your Compositions for easy access — great for rigging and sharing complex scenes with colleagues or clients.
  • Pre-Comp Overrides - Override attributes contained within Compositions to create templates.




Filters and Shaders


  • Travel Deformer - Reposition the start points for all Contours within a Path.
  • Radius Utility - Generate the radius for a circle which encompasses several Shapes.

Experimental Features

All Experimental Features - Ensure Show Experimental Features is checked in Preferences for access to these features.

See the pricing page for more information.


Upgrade to a Professional licence at


The Enterprise licence includes everything in the Professional licence plus the following feature:

  • CLI - The Command Line Interface enables various tasks without the need to launch Cavalry itself. Some features are available in the Starter and Professional version but the Render and List commands plus the --prompt argument are Enterprise only features.


Starter and Professional users can share files but, where a file contains Professional features, a Starter will be switched into a 'restricted' mode which prevents saving or rendering. This is signalled by the the word 'Restricted' appearing in the application's title bar.


An internet connection is required to authenticate your licence the first time you open Cavalry.

It's possible to use Cavalry offline but you will be required to periodically authenticate online to maintain access.

Information about your licence can be found in the About Window.

  • Email: - The user currently signed in.
  • Licence Class: - The type of licence in use:
    • Starter - You are signed in with a Free licence.
    • Professional - You are signed in with a Professional licence.
  • Licence Status: - The status of the licence:
    • Active - The licence is active.
    • Offline - When offline you will find an indication of how many days you have left until you are required to re-authenticate.
    • Suspended - Indicates a problem with payment along with an indication of how many days you have left to resolve the problem. Please visit to resolve the issue or contact
    • Expired - Your licence is no longer valid. You will need to sign up for another Starter or Professional licence via

Manage a Subscription

Sign in to your account and use the Manage Subscription button to change payment details or cancel your subscription.


If you cancel a Professional subscription your licence will auto downgrade to a Starter licence at the end of the billing cycle. You will still be able to open any old files but you will not be able to save or render from any scenes that contain Professional features. Upgrading via the website again will re-enable this functionality.