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1.2.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • New Intersections Distribution means you can place points where shapes intersect with each other.
  • New Corner Pin - Distort comps/ images/ shapes by pinning the corners to Nulls.
  • CLI - Swap Assets at render time with the new --swapAsset command.
  • Text Shape has a new Background tab for adding backgrounds to text. This uses the text's baseline for its position and so is better suited for use with text where the string may or may not contain ascenders/ descenders (e.g. a Bounding Box's height would change as the height of the Text's bounding box changes).
  • Spreadsheet now has a new Interpolate attribute which means you can now blend between columns of data. There's also a Sort Order mode which will output a rank for each row. This is useful for data vis.
  • New Apply Typeface Style Behaviour for Text - allows you to dynamically set the typeface based on a search (regex).


  • Color Window - Preview more than 5 colours in the Palettes menu.
  • Render Manager:
    • New Delete All Render Queue Items button.
    • New Ensure Unique File Names option added to the Dynamic tab. Unchecking this will prevent Cavalry from adding files to folders or appending an 'index' to file names when used with a Render Token.
    • Improved indication of illegal characters in file paths.
    • Improved warnings when trying to render to locked (read-only) locations.
  • New 1350x1080 (4:5) resolution preset.
  • Improvements to attribute names on SubUIs in the Scene Window. For example, Color Alpha appeared the same for both Fill and Stroke but will now appear as Fill Color Alpha and Stroke Color Alpha.
  • Window states are now saved when using Focus Mode.
  • Improvements to automatic numbering when creating new layers.
  • Auto-complete in the Attribute Editor search bar, with automatic Tab switching.
  • Mask Feather has been built into Shapes (the Mask Blur Filter has now been removed).
  • Decimal Separator added to the Value String Generator.
  • The zoom in and out icons in the Time Editor are now buttons.
  • F2 now triggers renaming in the Scene and Assets Windows.
  • You can now filter out the Position Context via the Advanced > Context contextual menu in the Attribute Editor's layer header row.
  • Improvements to undo, particularly for Text.
  • Support for X11 colours in spreadsheet data. Note - colours with names containing numbers (e.g. blue1) are not supported.

New Experimental features:

  • New JavaScript - Write JavaScript expressions directly in Cavalry. Check out the new Presets in the Create > Presets > JavaScript menu.
  • New Filters:

Known Issues

  • The Aliasing feature has been temporarily removed.
  • There is a known quality issue with some Filters. We're working on a fix for this.

Resolved Issues

300+ issues resolved since the release of 1.2 including the below:

Issue IDTitleClosed At (UTC)
6422Smoke Test Basic QA14 Dec 2021
6398Graph Editor - Draw Channel Names - Use Nice Names14 Dec 2021
6198Documentation corrections14 Dec 2021
6291Connection syntax to SubUIs14 Dec 2021
6414Compositions missing expand/collapse UI14 Dec 2021
5696Emdash confusing Apply Text Fill/ Font Size14 Dec 2021
6357Add colour interpolation to spreadsheet14 Dec 2021
6365X11 colours not recognised in spreadsheets14 Dec 2021
6409JSMath default should use a user variable14 Dec 2021
6412X11 Colour interpolation crash14 Dec 2021
6326Remove caret positioning from undo queue14 Dec 2021
6349Pasting a shape onto a Comp doesn't trigger modal14 Dec 2021
6287CSV min and max don't know about decimal delimiters14 Dec 2021
4817Warn users when we can't open a file stream for rendering13 Dec 2021
6314Starting Velocity X/Y Forge13 Dec 2021
5905UNDO after typing pulls the caret back a space.13 Dec 2021
6249Scanline/CRT TV Filter13 Dec 2021
6383Placing Layers above/As Childs of comps.13 Dec 2021
6339Scan Line - Shadow Mask13 Dec 2021
6363Remove the word Simple from Simple Glow13 Dec 2021
6336Gradient Colour Swatch UI13 Dec 2021
6290Max Attribute Editor UIs negative Value.13 Dec 2021
5886Add 'Group Selected' to VP contextual menu13 Dec 2021
6394Scan Lines Shadow Mask RGB Names13 Dec 2021
6404Set Position Keyframe Shortcut13 Dec 2021
6333Renaming Attributes doesn't update in the Scene Window13 Dec 2021
6334Naming SkSL Keyframe layers13 Dec 2021
6348Text - Reconnecting a Background13 Dec 2021
6397Graph Editor - Draw Channel Names - Use Nice Names9 Dec 2021
5334Remove : from labels in Spreadsheet Settings9 Dec 2021
6376Tooltip for Béziers in Graph Editor9 Dec 2021
6372Attribute Editor contextual menu - naming9 Dec 2021
6351Text Shape Background specific Indices9 Dec 2021
5976edge case in the group command7 Dec 2021
6073Gradient Stop - connection indicator disappears.7 Dec 2021
6316View > Show Comp Boundary shares hotkey with Show Pixel Gird7 Dec 2021
6324Composition can't be added as top layer7 Dec 2021
6375Show looping in Time Editor7 Dec 2021
5594FPS Render Token - add fps suffix6 Dec 2021
6354Forge Polygons Regression6 Dec 2021
5935Order of Assets Window Contextual menu (spreadsheet)6 Dec 2021
6353Remove Filter from Filter Names6 Dec 2021
6266Confusion about Shift modifier key6 Dec 2021
6148Add Mask Blur to Shapes6 Dec 2021
6343Scan Lines - default Interlace to 0 (off)6 Dec 2021
6327Log Window - Undo Text Box resize creates lots of info.6 Dec 2021
6347Text Background Shape output connection colour6 Dec 2021
5495Offset for Context Index6 Dec 2021
6328Scrolling through Fonts in the Undo Queue6 Dec 2021
6048Rig Control - No X or Y in labels6 Dec 2021
6078Fill/Stroke Alpha Duplicate Keyframe names6 Dec 2021
6335Sub-Mesh rotation Prefix6 Dec 2021
6345Maximum Velocity / Maximum Rotation Velocity per Shape in Forge6 Dec 2021
6240AtEd - Clicking tab after search6 Dec 2021
5369Nice naming of new layers6 Dec 2021
5004Polygon naming bug6 Dec 2021
5099Check for illegal chars in filenames/paths6 Dec 2021
6313Text Shape Background default position6 Dec 2021
6196String Manipulator Transition Percentage6 Dec 2021
4855Reverse and Offset for Sequence utility6 Dec 2021
6084Developer Mode3 Dec 2021
6340Scan Line questions3 Dec 2021
6305Text Shape Background Connections3 Dec 2021
5991Preference changes in the undo queue?3 Dec 2021
6344Duplicator - Remove rather than hide Input Shapes.3 Dec 2021
6315Scan Lines Filter name3 Dec 2021
6239AtEd selection3 Dec 2021
6318Loading Attribute UI is now in the UNDO Queue3 Dec 2021
6195Translation String Manipulator Alignment2 Dec 2021
6306Input/Output connections to spreadsheet column not shown2 Dec 2021
6279Pencil - Redraw not working.2 Dec 2021
5920Connection UI from Gradient Shader doesn't disappear.2 Dec 2021
6304Filters on Images - Regression2 Dec 2021
6320Keyframes for SKSL Shaders2 Dec 2021
6308Spreadsheet - sort order2 Dec 2021
6323Dragging Comp from Assets Window into Scene Window hierarchy2 Dec 2021
6329Text Shape Sub-Mesh Character Rotation.2 Dec 2021
5125Option to not use Dynamic index in filename1 Dec 2021
6293Text Background feature30 Nov 2021
6289Focus Mode/ Workspaces - Welcome to Cavalry!30 Nov 2021
6292Add Draw Comp Boundary to the view menu30 Nov 2021
6299Bounding Box snapping and Groups30 Nov 2021
6301Bake Animation + Deformers30 Nov 2021
6309Background Shape input wrong height30 Nov 2021
3884Add indicative output to JSMath30 Nov 2021
6283Forge Chain Path, Unwanted collisions30 Nov 2021
6298Forge - Animated Gravity attributes in Scene Window30 Nov 2021
6302Linear Wipe Screen Space Bug26 Nov 2021
6284The word 'Element' is used in RQI tooltip25 Nov 2021
5728Empty Connection Sub Menu24 Nov 2021
6025Scene window/ Timeline editor max zoom24 Nov 2021
6288Sub-Mesh for Duplicators/Merged Shapes23 Nov 2021
6068Bezier Handles being picked up in Forge Dynamics23 Nov 2021
5922Split Path is called the splitPathUtility but is tagged as a Behaviour23 Nov 2021
6261Blur/Glow - Sub Mesh23 Nov 2021
6057Global Collision Events not updating every frame.23 Nov 2021
6262Can't make connection from Dynamic Render > Number of Renders23 Nov 2021
6097Delete all RQIs confirmation message22 Nov 2021
6258Restriction message - Hidden behind rulers in full view22 Nov 2021
6254FR - Add Falloff in Falloff tabs22 Nov 2021
6264Quick Add - search issue22 Nov 2021
6069Three sided chain shapes broken in forge.22 Nov 2021
6238Pencil - Drawing and close distance22 Nov 2021
6218Forge - 'leaking' chain shape22 Nov 2021
6237Radius Attributes W/H or #22 Nov 2021
5939Focus mode and window state19 Nov 2021
6091Word level mode on Forge Dynamics19 Nov 2021
6221F shortcut locks to Focus modes full screen.19 Nov 2021
6074Shape Type Sub-UI and retaining values19 Nov 2021
5718Apply Text Fill and (regex) text selection19 Nov 2021
5327Label Numbering - remove the 119 Nov 2021
5305Drawables remain visible when parent is not but are not selectable18 Nov 2021
6080Can't move point on editable shape with Transform tool18 Nov 2021
6209Make Restricted Mode more apparent.18 Nov 2021
5940Cut and Paste just copies the layer17 Nov 2021
6248Launching from Start menu prevents sign in.16 Nov 2021
6003Focus Mode resets the Viewport Zoom16 Nov 2021
6219Duplicators in Forge Dynamics Broken in the latest build16 Nov 2021
6083Switch Alias State option no longer appearing16 Nov 2021
6223Fix Render Info Analytics16 Nov 2021
6106Basic Line Length at 0 in a duplicator resets position.16 Nov 2021
6235Reset Workspace and cursor offset16 Nov 2021
6225Checkerboard out of alignment16 Nov 2021
6155Updating attrs for multi selection doesn't work for Fill/ Stroke tabs15 Nov 2021
6222Adding Swatches to Fill/Stroke Tab15 Nov 2021
6102Tooltip on Quicktime Codec.15 Nov 2021
6234Enable Fill/ Stroke - Set Keyframe contextual menu item15 Nov 2021
6220Presets drop down opening on second screen.15 Nov 2021
6211Crashing when using Pencil Tool15 Nov 2021
6201Unwanted keyframe added to Arrow ends15 Nov 2021
6126Long Layer Names wrap in Attribute Editor12 Nov 2021
2296Select Linear Falloff in VP12 Nov 2021
4026Can't select Nulls/Falloffs in VP12 Nov 2021
6178Partner/ Education licences are not Pro12 Nov 2021
5819Soloing changes search icon to tag12 Nov 2021
6181Delete Keyframe and Delete Animation not functioning correctly.12 Nov 2021
6216Value String Gen and 'separator' attr names12 Nov 2021
5859FTV - add filename to header bar11 Nov 2021
5240Link to file doesn't work when Token used in Path11 Nov 2021
6217keyframing Gravity (stepped) 211 Nov 2021
6174FTV - Localisations11 Nov 2021
3691Render complete status11 Nov 2021
5721Forge - keyframing Gravity (stepped)11 Nov 2021
5465Preview more colours in the palettes menu11 Nov 2021
5553Incremental zoom in TE via icon11 Nov 2021
3725Clear all option for Render Manager11 Nov 2021
5885Rename Split Path to Trim Path11 Nov 2021
5348Retain number formatting11 Nov 2021
6138Rendering 8k MP4 above 64 FPS results in negative bit rate11 Nov 2021
6096Venetian Blinds with Distortion11 Nov 2021
6117Venetian Blinds Jump at 0%11 Nov 2021
1391Drop Shadow Filter - Amount label11 Nov 2021
5372Drop Shadow after Freeze Transforms11 Nov 2021
2786Drop Shadow - ignore rotations11 Nov 2021
6129Cycling Keyframes not working for Hierarchies/Groups11 Nov 2021
6028Arrange commands do not retain order for multi selections.10 Nov 2021
6075Forge - Sticky Collision Event causing Crash9 Nov 2021
5961Radial Wipe on 0% leaves a line9 Nov 2021
4734Additional resolution default request9 Nov 2021
6146Deselecting a layer does not remove its bounding box9 Nov 2021
6095Resolution presets not correctly setting resolution9 Nov 2021
6187Symbols in Comp settings/Preferences8 Nov 2021
6123Entering curly bracket into a Text Replace String Crashes Cavalry8 Nov 2021
6186Feather Masks Checkbox8 Nov 2021
6170Grouping Shapes on a Pathfinder8 Nov 2021
6180Delete Animation/ Keyframe doesn't work on vectors8 Nov 2021
6086Wacom + iMac 5k display = drawing out of sync3 Nov 2021
6092Add 'Feather' attribute to Shape3 Nov 2021
6124Deselecting in Scene Window does not deselect in VP2 Nov 2021
6143Deselecting in VP requires cursor move to remove transform tool2 Nov 2021
5295Filter order doesn't work bug2 Nov 2021
60591.2 Release Checklist (QA)2 Nov 2021
6103Can't control dynamic index offset from the control centre29 Oct 2021
6116Groups Opacity29 Oct 2021
6089Mask rotates when inside Duplicator19 Oct 2021
6076Changing Mode on Gradient changes colours to default.18 Oct 2021
6077Forge not available in free/Starter18 Oct 2021
6070Quality loss on Radial/Linear Wipe Filters15 Oct 2021