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1.0.2 Release Notes

Released 20th October 2020


This release is primarily intended to improve stability and to fix user reported bugs. It also includes quite a large number of improvements and enhancements.

New Elements/Features


  • Render Tokens - add tokens to automatically generate your File Name.
  • A single Render Queue Item can now be used to render multiple Compositions.
  • New Centre Pivot (Centroid) option in the Shape menu.
  • Rulers & Guides- turn these on in the new View menu.



Experimental features can be turned on in the Preferences Window.

General Enhancements/ Important fixes


Note that the UI update during playback optimisations are not compatible with macOS 10.13.

  • Align Window improvements. You can now align to a Composition via the alt hotkey.
  • Rig Control improvements relating to Path Animation.
  • There’s a new calculation result field on JS Math.
  • JS Math’s Expression field now highlights the array variables (n0, n1, n2 etc.).
  • The Math Distribution now has syntax and array variable highlighting.
  • Pasting text into Cavalry will now create a Text Shape and set it to the contents of the clipboard.
  • Pathfinder now has a new Rotation output in the Value tab.
  • Z + double click on a shape will zoom to fit the screen. The shape doesn’t need to be selected.
  • Zooming with a Wacom pen (for when you don’t have scroll assigned to a button) can be done by holding z, then click-dragging in the Viewport/ Graph Editor, or Time Editor.
  • Magic Easing is now previewed in the Graph Editor.
  • Magic Easing can now also be assigned in the Time Editor by right clicking on the keybar between two keyframes and choosing a Magic Easing option from the menu. This is in addition to right clicking on a keyframe.
  • Using / to denote folders/directories is now allowed in the Render Item File Name field.
  • You can now render to .webm with support for VP8 and VP9 codecs.
  • Project Settings have been improved.
  • The shortcut for the Render Manager is now Cmd/Ctrl + B (because Show/Hide Rulers has highjacked Cmd/Ctrl = R)
  • macOS trackpad users can now use pinch zoom and smart zoom (double tap with two fingers). Smart zoom will ‘fit everything in view’. This works in the Viewport, Graph Editor and the Graph Attribute.
  • The Home/End keys now take you to the Playback Start/ End. Holding Cmd/Ctrl + Home/End will do the same for the Composition Start/End.

The Home/End keys may appear as diagonal arrows on some macOS keyboards. You can also use fn + left/right arrow on laptop keyboards.

  • The Sub-Mesh now generates a Length Context, this means that you can, for example, colour all the lines on an imported SVG according to their length.
  • Improvements to how copied or duplicated layers are named.
  • Color swatches now indicate Alpha.

We have temporarily removed Metal from the Viewport backend options. This is due to compatibility issues with macOS 10.13.

We will need to discontinue support for macOS 10.13 in a future release as a result of this issue.

Resolved Issues

Public various from Discord


Issue IDTitleClosed At (UTC)
4045Test safety check on createPolygon19/10/2020
4029Per Column Row Count for Spreadsheet19/10/2020
4040Noise Octaves19/10/2020
4050Noise Shader defaults19/10/2020
4062No undo for delete path animation key19/10/2020
4044Interacting with Solvers in playback19/10/2020
4060Negative values in Octaves19/10/2020
3756Bake Animation - linear 'curves'16/10/2020
2923New "Ignore Time Offset" Advanced attribute16/10/2020
4048Persistent pop ups do not stay in front of main window16/10/2020
4035Compound Graph Popup Persistency16/10/2020
4028Update version number to 1.0.216/10/2020
4032Hit testing in attributes16/10/2020
4020Frame Render Token and video formats16/10/2020
4034Right click on shape with noise shader in viewport == Crash16/10/2020
3625Copy naming Server improvements15/10/2020
3983Copying multiple selections creates identical names15/10/2020
3602Cap Style setting for Line Tool15/10/2020
4041SkSL switch statement not supported on macOS 10.1315/10/2020
4039Add Alpha to Noise Shader15/10/2020
4033Change OpenGL string to GPU in All places15/10/2020
3959R&D Displacement Shader15/10/2020
3903Add Bake Keyframe Animation to the Animation Utilities with options14/10/2020
3992Pathfinder - Reverse Input Path not working14/10/2020
3968Updated Project Description name in Project Settings doesn't update 'live'13/10/2020
3792Tooltips for TE13/10/2020
4036Disable SkSL interpreter13/10/2020
4005Circle Distribution not using incoming index13/10/2020
3741Bake Keyframe Animation - incorrect curve?13/10/2020
3997Reset Workspace not working on Windows13/10/2020
4000Graph attr empty13/10/2020
4002Non retina support for h/v split13/10/2020
3976alt + r = Radeon overlay on my Boot Camp Windows12/10/2020
4001AtEd glitch on loading UIs12/10/2020
3998Sentence Case seems to require a full stop.12/10/2020
3982Fill Filter to default to 'Src In' Blend Mode12/10/2020
3981Connect Shape - Skips Points/Offset dimmed but have an affect12/10/2020
3971Project Settings - rework UX/UI12/10/2020
4026Can't select Nulls/Falloffs in VP12/10/2020
4015Update Sub String/ Sub Mesh to Sub-String/ Sub-Mesh12/10/2020
3974No webm or mp4 output on Windows12/10/2020
3892Adding Frame token to e.g. MOV12/10/2020
3994Divider in Render Manager right click menu12/10/2020
3989Typo - Multiply on Math Atom12/10/2020
3035UTF-8 issue?12/10/2020
3985Tab header for Assets Window is the wrong colour.12/10/2020
4004UI scale different between 1.0.1 and 1.0.212/10/2020
4018SubUI keyframes do not move with Vis bar10/10/2020
3967Sub String - ranges don't seem consistent10/10/2020
4016Turning rulers on and off during playback10/10/2020
4014VP slow down moving cursor during playback10/10/2020
3612SnapResolver needs to support non uniform viewport scales08/10/2020
3864ShaderProvider class for supplying built-in shaders08/10/2020
3793Message Bar - use by date07/10/2020
3673Color wheel, hue and cursor position07/10/2020
3557WebM export07/10/2020
2825Update import filters (video)07/10/2020
3965Creating guides when Show Guides is off.07/10/2020
1935Jsmath - colour index in expression07/10/2020
3738Pinch to be Enabled by default07/10/2020
3956Ruler - beyond bounds to delete ruler07/10/2020
2955Group imported scenes07/10/2020
3996Can't reimport deleted assets.07/10/2020
3984Cursor flicker on vertical ruler07/10/2020
3979Aligning twice07/10/2020
3991Rename General tab on Pathfinder to Behaviour07/10/2020
3987Delimiter is empty07/10/2020
3993First creation of a guide doesn't show delete cursor07/10/2020
3966Shuffle Text not working07/10/2020
3486Unicode and uppercase string manip07/10/2020
3954Substring string manipulator displays invalid unicode characters07/10/2020
2754Retina app icon06/10/2020
3353Nightlies support in CLaPS06/10/2020
3479Document remote install on Windows06/10/2020
3888Tokens to change colour only when valid06/10/2020
1565Pathfinder - rotations06/10/2020
3844Text Generator (Random Date) - Defaults05/10/2020
3867Render Token custom date/time05/10/2020
3925Gradients - UI atttribute order05/10/2020
3937Hierarchy change within Duplicated Group not updated05/10/2020
3952Resolution Scale prefix to %05/10/2020
3923Align error/warning05/10/2020
3856Morph - Typo05/10/2020
3852Basic Line tag typo05/10/2020
3943Label spacing in AtEd05/10/2020
3816Hide circle from basic shapes drop down05/10/2020
3746Animation > Comp Constraint05/10/2020
3947Add hotkey to Add Element Window tooltip05/10/2020
3682Collapse Group on creation05/10/2020
3955Cursor to indicate a guide is about to be deleted05/10/2020
3748Motion Blur is labelled MotionBlur (no space) in Comp Settings05/10/2020
3938Can't Edit > Copy shape from Viewport selection05/10/2020
3917Default Resolution enum for Comp05/10/2020
3747Keyframe Layer called Animation Layer in Comp Settings05/10/2020
2091Rounded Rectangle - rename Divisions05/10/2020
3975Frame render token not working05/10/2020
2351Automate Notarization05/10/2020
3964Deploy script - check git status right before building05/10/2020
3870Dynamic Render - do not add folders for gif, apng, mov05/10/2020
3849alt + double click freezes cursor05/10/2020
3942Noise Shader icon05/10/2020
3977Windows - Can't create a guide04/10/2020
3972AtEd UI spacing wonky02/10/2020
3970Project Settings - appending a new directory to an existing one.02/10/2020
3963Math Distribution and color coded index02/10/2020
3969Fresh Workspace gone wonky02/10/2020
3671Path in Render Manager when sharing scenes02/10/2020
3795Export SVG - include composition shapes02/10/2020
3779Export/Import Composition appears as hierarchy.02/10/2020
3904Analytics to default to on02/10/2020
3933Missing overwrite check for rendering Dynamic Comps01/10/2020
3909Dynamic Index and multi comp.01/10/2020
3939Keyframe Layer Editor UI broken01/10/2020
3889String Manip and Chinese characters01/10/2020
3946Noise Shader - Lacunarity and Gain to be dimmed when Octaves are equal to or less than 101/10/2020
3927Noise Shader - Blend Mode first01/10/2020
3926View menu01/10/2020
3918Ruler Shortcut01/10/2020
3860Ruler UI01/10/2020
3941Token support for CLI30/09/2020
3832Rubber hose transform issue29/09/2020
2668Render Tokens29/09/2020
3896Drag/drop not working.29/09/2020
3901Multi-target RQI29/09/2020
3560Cavalry to remember email address in Sign in dialog29/09/2020
3891Fractal Mode has no effect on Cellular Noise (dim the option?)29/09/2020
3887Dynamic Index token29/09/2020
3822Rotated Gradient and Duplicator29/09/2020
3838Turn off VP annotations when less then 4 screen pixels.29/09/2020
3931Boolean not working29/09/2020
3922Zooming in the viewport when rulers are turned on is broken29/09/2020
3930Falloff boolean options UI broken29/09/2020
3929Masking options not working29/09/2020
3920Rulers should snap to guides29/09/2020
3806Shapes below 0.4 jump to centre.29/09/2020
3907Lost 'overwrite render' check29/09/2020
3921Rename Guide Snapping29/09/2020
3919Turning on rulers hides the timecode and frame counter29/09/2020
3804Poly overlay draw for Ellipse and Circle when zooming28/09/2020
3890Cellular Noise shader Offset bug28/09/2020
3871Distributing a single Shape28/09/2020
3772Viewport scaling on a pivot point28/09/2020
3908Assets missing28/09/2020
3905Tokens after closing Render Manager28/09/2020
3877Time offset in Comp UI issue28/09/2020
3739Circle preview when drawing Cogwheel28/09/2020
3802Use Frameworks for Qt on macOS28/09/2020
3913Turbulent Noise support28/09/2020
3902Centre Pivot (Centroid)25/09/2020
3855Bake animation when first keyframe isn't on frame 025/09/2020
3879Alignment and pivot24/09/2020
3878Alignment and Text24/09/2020
3895Project Nodes are not being read from file correctly.23/09/2020
3862Moving Comp in Time Editor only affects visibility22/09/2020
3731Small shapes (under 1px) created at defaults22/09/2020
3828Crash on File > Open22/09/2020
3859Perlin Noise not saved with scene (kinda)22/09/2020
3861Switching monitors on Windows22/09/2020
3863Do not exit or create new scene after cancelling save.22/09/2020
3868Distance - moving Target has no effect.22/09/2020
3881Switching monitor on macOS - crash22/09/2020
3853Project Settings (Name) + String Gen22/09/2020
3885Prevent ui update pref from updating during playback?22/09/2020
3883Centre pivot bug with editable path22/09/2020
3782Arc Shape attribute conditions20/09/2020
3769Is Restore Autosaves working?20/09/2020
3830A couple of Noise Shader notes20/09/2020
3858Rig Control + Path Anim20/09/2020
3698Incorrect warning for Alignment20/09/2020
2383String Manipulator - Sentence case20/09/2020
3820Shapes reappear on border of VP15/09/2020
3837Player support for Noise Shader15/09/2020
3821Select tool UI and (de)selection via SW14/09/2020
3846Text Gen (Random Number) - delimiter14/09/2020
3823Library Palette preview does not update until restart11/09/2020
3847Connect from rigControl.x (or y) without creating default keys on Control Layer11/09/2020
3843Message Bar to be cleared on File > New/Open11/09/2020
3707Undo change of [X,Y] attr11/09/2020
3805Player - background is red11/09/2020
3827GE/ Graph Attr - handles a bit glitchy11/09/2020
3825Missing connection icon for String Generator11/09/2020
3839VP pref for 'ui updates in playback'11/09/2020
3204SkSL support for Cavalry Player09/09/2020
3807Random crash09/09/2020
3819Dragging Asset into VP crash09/09/2020
3803Undo-ing deleted hierarchy adds inverse transform to child09/09/2020
3818Scale inverted on Group09/09/2020
3813Crash adding swatch to Scene Palette08/09/2020
3770Smudge tool in Tool menu08/09/2020
3817Message Bar not logging all messages08/09/2020
3764Remove Deselect Points command from Edit Shape Tool settings08/09/2020
3714Website passwords don't work in app08/09/2020
3809Can't delete via VP07/09/2020
3808Lost cursors07/09/2020
3771Version to 1.0.207/09/2020
3814Eye dropper not working in VP07/09/2020
3815Right click not working in GE07/09/2020
3736Arc - beziers07/09/2020
3778UI Hover states getting stuck04/09/2020
3780Scene that plays back realtime in app but not in Player.04/09/2020
3783Lost connection icons in control04/09/2020
3784Playhead detached from 'line' in GE04/09/2020
3712A couple of bugs that require steps/ investigation04/09/2020
1190Optimisations (Skia)04/09/2020
1105Pick Colour from Asset03/09/2020
3011Convert point to bezier - one handle appears.03/09/2020
3135Undo fix for dragging unselected clips in the Time Editor03/09/2020
1235Rubber Hose - weighting03/09/2020
1805String Manipulator - Join Text - Connection to Array (disallowed?)03/09/2020
1876Create Editable Ellipse - beziers types03/09/2020
2105Chevroned Elements draw past in point in Time Editor03/09/2020
2106Change In/Out point when zoomed in Time Editor03/09/2020
1874Shapes > Separate and undo03/09/2020
1418Dragging key bar with keyframe layers03/09/2020
1863Type, alignment and pivot point.03/09/2020
2110Keyframe UI03/09/2020
1784Graph Widget - tricky interaction03/09/2020
1969Copy/Paste keys to new shape.03/09/2020
1827Dimensions feedback on prim creation03/09/2020
1828VP dimensions feedback03/09/2020
1150Name user shapes based on the type.03/09/2020
1527UI enhancements.03/09/2020
851Number to colour/palette drag and drop03/09/2020
1970Dynamic Render + Poly Sides03/09/2020
3348Graph attr - first/last handles after edit.03/09/2020
3340Atoms don't support 'show names' in Time Editor03/09/2020
3329Atom UI tidy03/09/2020
3048Insert Point preview03/09/2020
2953Top AtEd UI - color widget opens in 'detached' state03/09/2020
2888GE Selection03/09/2020
2949Mouse wheel to pan?03/09/2020
2932Rig Control - connection feed forward on connection to path anim03/09/2020
2875Graph Editor - axis snapping for zoom03/09/2020
2938Panning in Graph Editor can cause timeline to 'detach'03/09/2020
1289Array labels03/09/2020
1756Convert to Bezier - handles based on normals.03/09/2020
2279Sound Behaviour broken?01/09/2020
2420Sound crash01/09/2020
2918Sound ineffective after comp length change01/09/2020
3716Rotating shapes in VP to follow user intention.31/08/2020
3776Deleting a connected Scene Palette swatch crashes31/08/2020
3775Attempting to switch comps during playback causes crash31/08/2020
3723Drawing a small super ellipse and snapping27/08/2020
3722Drawing a small ellipse and snapping27/08/2020