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1.2 Release Notes

Version bump

Note - minimum requirements on macOS have been bumped to 10.14 for the 1.2 release.

New Features​

Forge Dynamics​


New licensing model. Free is now even more Free! See more info here.

Apple Silicon (M1)​

  • πŸ’₯ Apple Silicon Build - Users with Apple Silicon Machines can now brag about having the fastest machines for running Cavalry. Initial tests indicate up to 3x performance improvements over Intel's i9 processors.


  • New Apply Text Fill Utility. This is a Material Behaviour available on the Text Shape which allows you to set the color for specific characters/words/lines. Check out the new presets icon in the header bar of the Attribute Editor UI.
  • New Apply Character Spacing Utility. Use this to create procedural kerning pairs/ character spacing adjustments.
  • New Formatted Date String Generator.


  • New Direct Bezier Manipulation added to the Edit Shape tool, you can now drag path edges to easily finesse curves.
  • New Stabiliser for the Pencil tool to help you draw smoother curves. It's an extremely relaxing way to draw! Enable it via the Pencil's Tool Settings.
  • Reverse Path Deformer - Quickly reverse paths on any shape in a procedural way.



  • Workspaces! - save and load your own window layouts.
  • Focus mode - use Cmd/Ctrl + Tab to toggle between the active workspace and a reduced layout consisting of just the Viewport and the Toolbar.
  • Notes - Add Notes to Layers in the Scene Window by right clicking on a Layer and choosing Notes... near the top of the list. When a Note is added, it will appear on hovering a layer or can be accessed via the button on the row. Notes support markdown.
  • New Arrange menu in the Edit menu with commands such as Bring Forward/ Send Backward.
  • New Sort Distribution which can re-order points according to various settings.
  • New Move Along Path menu item in the Animation menu.
  • HSV added to the Color Window
  • Spreadsheet Settings - you can now set custom delimiters, decimal separators and quote characters.
  • New Viewport Quality settings.
  • New Render Quality settings in the Render Manager.
  • New .mp4 format added to the Render Manager.
  • New Ray Shape.
  • More Recent File shortcuts in the File menu.

General Enhancements/ Important fixes​

  • You can now see (and select) shapes outside of the Composition bounds in the Viewport. 😊 (support for Groups still to come)
  • Various improvements to ProRes export, particularly around 4444 and 4444XQ + alpha channels:
    • Alpha should now be correctly interpreted in Adobe products on Windows (and macOS).
    • 0% alpha now samples as an absolute 0 in Resolve.
    • Alpha color has been fixed.
  • Travel, Reverse and Offset added to the Sequence Utility.
  • Invert added to the Is Within Utility.
  • Duplicate Composition added to the Asset Window contextual menu.
  • Year-Month-Day-Weekday added as a date format for auto-save files.
  • The Sound Behaviour is now behind the beta flag inline with audio playback. It's also now no longer possible to import audio without experimental features enabled. Experimental features can be enabled via the Preferences window.
  • The Shelf and the Tool Settings Windows have now been separated.
  • πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ vs πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ spellings. We've got a slight identity crisis going in the app/ docs. 😊 Sorry to our US friends but we've opted to try and unify this with our mother tongue for now. Color still to-do and we have plans for localisations in the future to keep everyone happy.
  • Blend Sub-Mesh Positions now respects global positions.
  • When importing assets into the Assets Windows the assets are now added to the selected hierarchy.
  • You can now Toggle Composition Background Alpha to improve working with alphas.
  • Various improvements to the Capsule primitive:
    • You can now Trim Ends.
    • The Capsule now has a new Start/ End mode.
    • You can now manipulate the Capsule end points in the Viewport.
  • πŸ’₯ Layer Tools - you can now edit Radius for Ellipses plus Width, Height and Corner Radius for Rectangle in the Viewport. More to come here!
  • You can now Share Strokes and Fills between shapes. Right click on the Fill or Stroke checkboxes and choose the 'Reveal' option. This will reveal a new layer in the Scene Window which you can then connect to multiple shapes.
  • Pathfinder now has a Rotation Offset.
  • Quad Tree now aligns to the pixel grid to prevent unwanted spacing appearing between quads.
  • Commas as delimiters are now supported in spreadsheet data. Note - commas are still not supported as decimal separators.
  • You can now use Environment Variables in the File Name and Path attributes in the Render Manager.
  • Connections to/from the Dynamic Index in the Render Manager now show up.
  • Fixed an issue with Shape Visibility on the Duplicator.
  • Fixed an issue with gaps appearing between the Quad Tree Shape.
  • New Set Transform Keyframes option in the Animation menu which allows you to set Position, Rotation and Scale keyframes for selected layers.
  • Fixed an issue where SVG was incorrectly passing corner radius values.
  • When splitting a path in the Edit Shape tool, Shift + S + click will now create a corner point (S + click creates a bΓ©zier point).
  • Compatibility improvements with the LottieFiles iOS player (more to do here).

New Experimental features:​

Known Issues​